TRACK - Rovaniemi300

Rovaniemi300, 19.-25 February 2016



First section of the track is the same as Rovaniemi150, so this section is very well signed and there is not need of GPS but the Satellite Device Tracker (mandatory) to do the check-in in mandatory waypoints. All mandatory waypoints in this first section match with the Rovaniemi150 checkpoints. This checkpoints have a limit time, so if you arrive when checkpoint is closed maybe you wouldn't find the tent but you can use the wood if you want to do a fire.


Second section is quitte different (158 k), it follows an snowmobile track. There are signs, in some areas more than others. In some areas you will find very good snow conditions and in others maybe you find deep snow and also you will find other snowmobiles tracks crossing, so all it do is confuse the right way... Track conditions depends on how long ago snowed and when the last snowmobile went through there. In this section is recommended to use the GPS and of course, same as first section, the mandatory Satellite Device Tracker (check the mandatory gear in the Race Rules page).

                                               1st section


    2nd section

 1st and 2nd sections

Finnish shelter called: Laavu. Picture:Suomenlatu
Finnish shelter called: Laavu. Picture:Suomenlatu
Finnish shelter called: Kota.
Finnish shelter called: Kota.

You can download the list of Mandatory Waypoints and the Shelters closest to the track.

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LAAVUS - SHELTERS Rov300 - 2016.pdf
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Keski Peurajärvi laavu.
Keski Peurajärvi laavu.
Purolan cabin.
Purolan cabin.
Ahvenlampi laavu.
Ahvenlampi laavu.

     Keski Peuräjärvi is 635 m. out of the way.                      Purolan cabin is 1,1 km out of the way.           Ahvenlampi laavu is 600 m. out of the way.


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TRACK ON-LINE section 1

TRACK ON-LINE section 2

TRACK ON-LINE section 1 and 2

HERE you have a very good map from Finland.


 Rovaniemi300 FULL PROFILE - SECTION 1



All waypoints are approximately. Waypoints Grid: Lat/Lon hddd.ddddº. Waypoints Datum: WGS 84

001. N66.58761 E25.64389          POROHOVI 1   Shelter, campfire and water.   Close Saturday at 11:30 h.
002. N66.55343 E25.49260     SINETTÄJÄRVI    ------------------------------ Close Saturday at 14:30 h.
003. N66.59010 E25.21260        VITTAVAARA   Tent, campfire and water.       Close Saturday at 20:30 h.
004. N66.66308 E25.06755            MORAJÄRVI Tent, campfire and water.        Close Sunday at 01:30h.
005. N66.71624 E25.14387               PEURAJÄRVI  Tent, campfire and water.  Close Sunday at 05:30 h.
006. N66.76647 E25.12659          KUUSILAMPI  Cabin, campfire and water.    Close Sunday at 10:00 h.
007. N66.74524 E25.75326   TORAMOKIVALO Shelter, campfire and water. Close Sunday at 18:.00 h
008. N66.58598 E25.64029   Iso-Kuusisaari Laavu    
009. N66.48743 E25.73645   Kemijoki    
010. N66.48196 E25.65829   Kemijoki    
011. N66.44416 E25.63161   Niskanperä Laavu, Kemijoki    
012. N66.41779 E25.56951  Out of river, Kemijoki    
013. N66.32641 E25.58591   Venejoki Kota    
014. N66.34402 E25.44428   Tervolantie    
015. N66.40415 E25.30172   Purolan Cabin crux    
016. N66.45683 E25.17200   Koivikkoselkä    
017. N66.47403 E25.21708   Hirvastie    
018. N66.52810 E25.26859   Ternulammit Same that wpt “In-03”  
019. N66.54952 E25.35265   Muurola crux    
020. N66.57342 E25.25802   Kelovaarantie    
021. N66.60406 E25.04627   Paloselkä    
022. N66.63272 E25.04354   Palojärvi Same that wpt “Out-04”  
023. N66.66697 E25.05482   Morajärvi Same that wpt “Out-05”  
024. N66.68313 E25.03149   Haukivaara    
025. N66.69464 E25.05331   Mäntyjärvi Same that wpt “Out-06”  
026. N66.70131 E25.08781   Reindeer fence    
027. N66.69377 E25.16034   Ahvenlampi crux    
028. N66.66710 E25.32348   Pohtimo    
029. N66.65534 E25.32711   Mellavaara    
030. N66.64490 E25.48876  Sinettä Laavu    
031. N66.58598 E25.64029 Iso Kuusisaari Laavu
032. Rovaniemi finish point!