TRACK -300k race

300k DATES:10.-16.02.2023


300 kilometers ultramarathon. Maximum time to complete it: 5 days.



First section of the track is the same as 150k race. The 150k race is a partially signed track, so participants needs to use a GPS.


All mandatory waypoints in this first section match with the 150k race checkpoints (8). Most of this checkpoints have water, shelter and firewood, also have a limit time, so if participants arrive when checkpoint is closed maybe wouldn't find the tent but can use the wood (if still some) if they want to do a fire. In this first section, organisation work on track during the previous days to leave it in the best possible conditions.


Second section is quite different and it follows an official snowmobile track. There are signs, in some areas more than others. In some areas participants could find very good snow conditions and in others maybe could find deep snow and also could find other snowmobiles tracks crossing the official snowmobile track, so those tracks could confuse the right way... Track conditions depends on how long ago snowed and when the last snowmobile went through there.


In this section participants needs to use the GPS basicly to know where is the mandatory waypoint and in case that the official snowmobile track is confused by other snowmobile tracks or the distance between signs.


During the whole race participants NEED to use a Satellite Device Tracker to do the check-in in mandatory waypoints. 


1st section (150k)

2nd section

Finnish shelter called: Laavu. Picture:Suomenlatu
Finnish shelter called: Laavu. Picture:Suomenlatu

 In laavus you can find firewood, but be ready just in case there is not (!)

     Keski Peuräjärvi is 635 m. out of the way.                    Purolan cabin is 1,1 km out of the way.                   Ahvenlampi laavu is 600 m. out of the way.

 This .gpx files are made with ExpertGPS. Expert GPS have a free download version clicking here.


Then, once you open it, you can import to your GPS program.


YOU CAN DOWNLOAD the track in .gpx format by clicking those links:


300k 1st section


300k 2nd section



HERE you have a very good map from Finland.





Participants MUST DO the check-in with their Tracker Device in every Mandatory Waypoint


 All waypoints are approximately.


Waypoints Grid: Lat/Lon ddº mm.mmm' (Use this coordinates for 112 emergency calls)


Waypoints Datum: WGS 84


001.   N66º 35.255' E25º 38.647' Porohovi       (150k checkpoint) shelter, campfire and water close Saturday at 12:30 h.
002.   N66º 33.379' E25º 29.166'  Sinettäjärvi   (150k checkpoint)  ------------------------------ close Saturday at 15:15 h.
003.   N66º 35.402' E25º 12.763'        Vittavaara     (150k checkpoint) shelter, campfire and water.       close Saturday at 20:45 h.
004.   N66º 39.790' E25º 03.959'        Morajärvi      (150k checkpoint) shelter, campfire and water.        close Sunday at 01:15 h.
005.   N66º 42.974' E25º 08.633'       Peurajärvi     (150k checkpoint) shelter, campfire and water.  close Sunday at 05:00 h.
006.   N66º 45.990'  E25º 07.596'    Kuusilampi    (150k checkpoint) cabin, campfire and water.    close Sunday at 09:00 h.
007.   N66º 42.956'  E25º 37.331' Kuoksajärvi    (150k checkpoint) campfire and water. close Sunday at 15:30 h.
008.   N66º 44.707' E25º 45.173' Toramokivalo    
009.   N66º 40.638' E25º 42.772' Norvajärvi     (150k checkpoint) campfire and water close Sunday at 19:00 h.
010.   N66º 40.168' E25º 43.309' Karhuvaara    
011.   N66º 35.168' E25º 38.472'   Iso-Kuusisaari, Ounasjoki (river) laavu - shelter  
012.   N66º 29.246' E25º 44.187'   Kemijoki (river)    
013.   N66º 28.918' E25º39.497' Kemijoki (river)    
014.   N66º 26.650 E25º 37.898' Niskanperä, Kemijoki (river) laavu - shelter  
015.   N66º 25.070' E25º 34.165' Out of river, Kemijoki (river)    
016.   N66º 19.586' E25º 35.141' Venejoki    
017.   N66º 20.641' E25º 26.657' Tervolantie    
018.   N66º 24.250' E25º 18.102' Purolan Cabin crux    
019.   N66º 27.410' E25º 10.320' Koivikkoselkä    
020.   N66º 28.442' E25º 13.025'  Hirvastie    
021.   N66º 31.688' E25º 16.111' Ternulammit    
022.   N66º 33.544' E25º 21.694' Muurola crux    
023.   N66º 34.405' E25º 15.481' Kelovaarantie    
024.   N66º 36.244' E25º 02.776' Paloselkä    
025.   N66º 37.963' E25º 02.612' Palojärvi    
026.   N66º 40.018' E25º 03.289' Morajärvi    
027.   N66º 40.988' E25º 01.889' Haukivaara    
028.   N66º 41.678' E25º 03.199' Mäntyjärvi    
029.   N66º 42.079' E25º 05.269' Reindeer fence    
030.   N66º 41.626' E25º 09.620'   Ahvenlampi crux    
031.   N66º 40.026' E25º 19.409' Pohtimo    
032.   N66º 39.429' E25º 20.053'  Mellavaara    
033.   N66º 38.696' E25º 29.331' Sinettänlaavu, Ounasjoki (river) laavu - shelter  
034.   N66º 35.168' E25º 38.472' Iso Kuusisaari, Ounasjoki (river) laavu - shelter  
035.   N66º 32.034' E25º 41.296' Rovaniemi finish point!