All three races have a partially signed track. Here you can find and download the .gpx file and during the pre-race meeting, organisation will supply the track maps.


Even the signs, participants will need to use a map (66k race) and the GPS (150k and 300k). So, anyone who doesn't know about orientation and how to use the GPS, should not register in this kind of races.


Each race have own character: while the 66k race is conceived as an inititation to winter ultramarathons, the 150k and 300k are much more demanding, not only for the distance(!).


  • The 66k race track have more than the 75% signed.
  • The 150k race track only have signs in the Ounasjoki (river), Sinettäjärvi and Lehtojärvi (lakes), tricky and windy sections.
  • The 300k race track have more than the 50% signed.
  • Snowmobile official tracks are signed.


The signed track in rivers and lakes change every year, so the itinerary shown in our maps is approximately. During the briefing we will tell which is the actual track.



Those races are potentially dangerous, participants have to really seriously consider if they are physically and mentally prepared for this kind of races.