ACCOMMODATION - Rovaniemi300

Rovaniemi300, 16.-22 February 2018


Registration next 2018 race will be open next 1st August 2017

(will finish next 31st December 2017)


In Rovaniemi February is high season and, even there is a high range of hotels, is not always easy to find accommodation.


In order to find room availability during the busy winter season we'd ask you kindly to do the reservation well in advance.


Talking this in to consideration, the Rovaniemi150 organization has an agreement with El Blog de Finlandia.



This agreement is subject to a reservation (from 16.-20.2.2017) of a limited number of rooms at Sokos Vaakuna Hotel for the participants and their companions. But due the characteristics of Rovaniemi300 you can reserve the nights as you wish or as you think you are going to need it.


Sokos Vaakuna Hotel is located in the city center, just 300 meters from the race starting point (in front of Pohjanhovi Hotel, where the Control Room and race finish point is).


It has spacious rooms to ensure a relax time before the competition, and a good rest after it. You'll also find a cozy lobby bar to chill out and meet up with the other participants of the race, and get in the right spirit before the big day. At the hotel, the participants will be able to use a special corner in the hotel's garage to store the equipment (fatbikes and pulkas) and organize the gear.


 To have available room we recommend you to reserve the hotel for the entire duration of the race.


That means that you reserve your nights as you thing you can finish the race. But you have to understand that if you finish the race before you though and you don't have your reservation done, you are subject to the hotel availability at that time, thus you have the possibility to not find room (maybe yes, maybe not).


If by the reason explained happens that you can not find room we will help you, as far as our possibilities, to find a place to sleep untill the day you have done the reservation. But we can not guarantee that you can find room in hotel, so be prepared for that just in case.


  If you are interested, have some questions or need more information please contact: