Rovaniemi150, 22.-25 February 2019


Registration next 2019 race will be open next August 15th 2018

(will finish next December 15th 2018)


It is very important to know how to combinate your clothes, the layers... This is very personnel and comes with the experience. If you don't have experience we recommend you to try and test your gear in cold conditions.


A temperature of -15ºC could be consider very cold by many people, but between -15ºC and -20ºC the difference is very high and it's “only” five degrees less!. A few minutes without gloves at -20ºC can easy freeze your nacked hands.


When the temperature drops to -30ºC or so, everything change and you must be very careful in what you are doing. This temperature (-30ºC) is not yet considered extreme, but a little mistake can put you in big trouble. From this temperature every degree it counts.


Besides clothing, a rich diet in calories also helps us face the cold much better. In cold weather food is very important and it is equally important is to be well hydrated.


February is not the coldest time of the year but, even then, temperatures can drop below -30ºC. So be prepared.


Please ensure that you have enough food and clothes to sustain yourself and stay safe during the all race.


In general terms, Finnish Meteorological Institute reports are generally good, so it's possible to have an acceptable weather reports the day before the race starts to organize your racing gear accordingly.


Anyway in case of extreme temperatures it's necessary to have a very good gear to face the cold. Even, after the tremendous effort required for this race, not to low temperatures can be a problem if you don't have good clothes.