RACE RESULTS - Rovaniemi66 - 2017

Rovaniemi66, 18.-19 February 2017


DNS - did not start.

DNF - did not finish.




1st. Steffen Lindner FatBike Norway 3h 17m 1st overall.
2nd. Boland-Team Luostejok FatBike Norway 3h 18m  
3th. Julian Amorrich FatBike Spain 3h 25m  
4th. Lukas Allemann FatBike Switzerland  3h 28m  
5th. Luis Fraile FatBike Spain 3h 41m  
6th. Antonia Haga FatBike Finland 3h 43m  1st woman by FatBike
7th. Eivind Schneider FatBike Norway 4h 07m  
8th. Giovanni Roveri FatBike Italy 4h 24m  
9th. Arild Schneider FatBike Norway 4h 25m  
10th. Teemu Jokinen FatBike Finland 4h 26m  
11th. George Stefan FatBike Germany 5h 16m  
12th. Nicki Uhlbach FatBike Germany 5h 16m  
13th. Alistair Mackintosh FatBike South Africa 5h 18m  
14th. Ari Mure Ski Finland 6h 13m 1st man with skis
15th. Cath Wightman FatBike U.K 6h 27m  
16th. Alvaro Puertas Foot Spain 6h 59m 1st man on foot
17th. Teemu Takkula Foot Finland 7h  
18th. Mauricio Gomez Foot Spain 7h 12m  
19th. Alistair Mc Leod FatBike New Zealand 7h 26m  
20th. Jon Brazier Foot U.K 7h 50m  
21st Jonathan Bryant Foot U.K 9h 24m  
22nd Jose Maria Izaguirre Foot Euskal Herria 9h 29m  
23th Kiril Voronin Foot Russia 9h 45m  
24th Florence Sanges Foot Italy 9h 55m 1st woman on foot
25th Jonathan Guppy Foot U.K 9h 55m  
26th Roger Costeja Foot  Catalonia 10h 34m  
27th Gunilla Manbre Foot  Sweden 10h 39m  
28th Daniel Flanagan Foot  U.K 10h 43m  
29th Kevin Kivi Foot  Finland 11h 02m  
30th Kirsi Mäntysaari Foot  Finland 11h 19m  
31st Tapio Kangasvuo Ski  Finland 11h 30m  
32nd Kaisa Kurvinen Ski Finland 12h 10m 1st woman with skis
33th Joel Runyon Foot U.S.A 12h 11m  
34th Joe Kenny Foot England 12h 55m  
35th Anna-Kaisa Björk Foot Finland 12h 56m  
36th Vesa Ulvi Foot Finland 12h 56m  
  Andy Young FatBike U.K DNF  
  Andrew Fryer-Kelsey FatBike England DNF  
  Oliver Lougheed Foot U.K DNF  
  Olga Kubareva FatBike Russia DNS  
  Argyrios Papathansopoulos Foot Greece DNS  


1st. Antonia Haga 3h 43m
2nd. Nicki Uhlbach 5h 16m
3rd. Cath Wightman 6h 27m


1st. Steffen Lindner 3h 17m
2nd. Boland-Team Luostejok 3h 18m
3th. Julian Amorrich 3h 25m
4th. Lukas Allemann 3h 28m
5th. Luis Fraile 3h 41m
6th. Eivind Schneider 4h 07m
7th. Giovanni Roveri 4h 24m
8th. Arild Schneider 4h 25m
9th. Teemu Jokinen 4h 26m
10th. George Stefan 5h 16m
11th. Alistair Mackintosh 5h 18m
12th Alistair Mc Leod 7h 26m


1st. Florence Sanges 9h 55m
2nd. Gunilla Manbre 10h 39m
3rt. Kirsi Mäntysaari 11h 19m
4th. Anna-Kaisa Björk 12h 56m


1st. Alvaro Puertas 6h 59m
2nd. Teemu Takkula 7h
3th. Mauricio Gomez 7h 12m
4th. Jon Brazier 7h 50m
5th. Jonathan Bryant 9h 24m
6th. Jose Maria Izaguirre 9h 29m
7th. Kiril Voronin 9h 45m
8th. Jonathan Guppy 9h 55m
9th. Roger Costeja 10h 34m
10th. Daniel Flanagan 10h 43m
11th. Kevin Kivi 11h 02m 
12th. Joel Runyon 12h 11m
13th. Joe Kenny 12h 55m
14th. Vesa Ulvi 12h 56m


1st Ari Mure 6h 13m
2nd Tapio Kangasvuo  11h 30m


1st Kaisa Kurvinen 12h 10m