300k, 10.-16 February 2023


Registration next 2023 race will be open 15.11.2022

(will finish next 15.01.2023)


  • Mandatory Pre-Race meeting on February 10th, 2023 at 16:00 h.
  • Race starts on Saturday, February 11th, 2023 at 10:00 h.
  • Race finishes on Sunday, February 16th, 2023 at 10:00 h.




Registration opens 15.11.2022 and closes on 15.01.2023


Registration fee625 €. (fee includes 10% VAT.)




Athletes who finished at least one of the following winter racers:

  • Rovaniemi 150
  • Fat Viking 150
  • Susitna 100
  • White Mountain 100
  • Homer Epic 100
  • Sheep Mountain 150
  • Arrowhead 135
  • Yukon Arctic Ultra 100, 300
  • Tuscobia 150
  • Frostkade 250
  • Black Baikal
  • Xpedition Amudsen
  • 6633 Ultra
  • Iditasport 100, 200, 225, 400, 1100
  • Ice Ultra
  • Iditarod Trail Invitational 150, 350, 1000
  • Silla 3 Vette 140
  • Mark Hines Training Course
  • Lapland Arctic Ultra 185
  • Lapland Arctic Ultra 500

Other winter experience:

  • Always under the race director criteria, people with a proven experience in extreme cold conditions can participate. In that case better contact us before do the registration and tell us your winter experience.



  • The race director reserves the right to refuse entry to any racer.



  • Racers must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Racers can chose to participate by fatbike, ski or running.

About disabled athletes:

  • We believe that any disabled athlete who thinks that he/she can participate in this race he/she can do it.
  • Depending the degree of disability, the organization is open to discuss the conditions and adapt, if necessary, the race rules.



In case a participant cancels the registration, the refund will be under the following terms:

  • Before 15.01.2023, 75% of the total registration fee will be refund.
  • Between 16.01.2023 and 24.01.2023, 50% of the total registration fee will be refund.
  • Between 25.01.2023 and 02.02.2023, 25% of the total registration fee will be refund.
  • After 02.02.2023, there will be no refund.

Entries are non-transferable to any other racer.




  • In case that organization cancel the race before it begins, 100% of the registration fee will be refund to all participants.
  • In case the organization cancel the race after it starts, there will be no refund.

The race may canceled after the start in case of severe conditions that make it extremely hazardous and/or impossible. Also any other unexpected nature circumstances may force the race director to cancel the race.




  • Trophy for the first, second and third of each category. Women and men competes in same category except if there are five (5) or more women in category.
  • All finishers will have a souvenir medal.



Maximum time allowed to complete the 300k race is 120 hours/5 days (by 10:00 h. February 16th, 2023). Any participant who is unable to complete the race in this time will be disqualified.




  • Racers can leave one (1) drop bag, only one, maximum weight: 2 kg.
  • The drop bag must be very well identify with participant name, so organisation could know who's the drop bag owner.
  • Participants have to bring the drop bag to the pre-race meeting and give it to the organisation.
  • The drop bags point will be outside, expose to the temperatures (no recommended to leave extra batteries) and weather conditions, in a point in the middle of the race (150 km).
  • Drop bags point will be very well identify so participants can find it easy.
  • Organisation is not responsible of drop bags and whatever is inside.
  • Participants can leave a bag, give it by organisation, with garbage.
  • Participants can not leave any clothes or gear in the drop bag point.



Pre-Race meeting is mandatory for all participants. Failure to attend means the participant will have a discount penalty of 24 h.

  • During the Pre-Race meeting the organization will supply the map, the race number and pick up the drop bag, after that will do the race briefing.



  • Race Check-in is mandatory for all racers. Sign-in between 09:15 to 09:45 at the Starting Point.
  • If a participant is late and does not check-in before 09:45, the participant will have a 10 h. discount penalty.



  • The check-in mandatory gear will be done once the participant arrive to the Finish Point.
  • Any participant who does not finish with the mandatory gear will be disqualified.
  • Satellite Tracker, GPS, Telephone, Headlamp, Rear Red Flashing light MUST work once participant arrive to the Finish Point. If at the end of the race, any of those devices doesn't work (for any reason), participant will be disqualified.



  1. Satellite Tracking Device (SPOT, DeLorme, etc).
  2. GPS.
  3. Telephone.
  4. Headlamp.
  5. Rear red flashing lamp.
  6. Sleeping bag accepted by the organisation.
  7. Mattress/sleeping pad.
  8. Minimum four (4) reflective patches.
  9. Whistle.
  10. Helmet (for fatbikers).



  • Only sleeping bags found in the attached list will be accepted.
  • In case you have a sleeping bag similar to those in the list but is not on this list, you have to send an email to the organization (info@arcticraces.com) specifying: brand and model.
  • We do not accept any kind of sleeping bag systems.
  • In the case that your sleeping bag doesn't meet the required conditions, registration won't be accepted.

We have a long list of accepted sleeping bags and we are open to add more models if it meet the required conditions.


We have some guidelines as: down quality, fiber quality, amount of the fill and total weight. Also we look the temperature rate but don't take it to serious. In general terms what makes us to decide is the amount of down or fiber and the quality of it. Normally we accept all sleeping bags with a minimum of 1.000 gr of 900/10 and minimum 700 cuin with a total weight of 2.000 gr. Of course there are a range of possibilities around this, so we study one by one before decide to accept it or not. Also we accept some lighter sleeping bags if complemented with a bivy bag.




  • Touch screen GPS is not the best option in cold weather places. We do not recommend it. But if you have it is good to have a touch screen pen.



  • The mandatory telephone is not to call family or friends, is only for security and that's why is mandatory.
  • If participant don't answer after three (3) calls in a row will have 12 hours penalty.
  • If after several calls participant doesn't answer or there is no signal connection, organisation will proceed the rescue/evacuation protocol, understanding that participant is injured or scratching, meaning that can not continue in the race.



  • NO REFLECTORS IN PULKA. Reflective gear can not be in pulka. Participant who have reflective gear or red flashing light in the pulka will be disqualified.
  • Reflective gear is for your own safety and because we like to see you from far away.
  • Reflectors and the rear red flashing light must be on the backside of participant's body and/or pulka poles and/or bagpack and/or rear the fatbike.
  • Reflective gear must be seen all times during the race.
  • The rear red flashing light must be ON during dark periods. Also in case of bivouac or long stop in the dark.
  • The participant who advance in the night without the headlamp on (even in full moon) or without reflector and rear flashing light on will be disqualified.



  • No electric fatbikes.
  • No hidden engines in fatbikes.



  • The race number is mandatory for all racers.
  • The race number must be visible during the whole race. If is not like this participant will be disqualified.
  • On fatbikes it must be attached at the front.
  • On pulkas it must be attached on the left side.
  • On backpacks it must be attached on the back (Only on backpack if you don't have a pulka. If participant attach the race number in the camelback and in some moment wears a jacket on top of the camenback... then the race number can not be seen)
  • If participant loses the race number will be disqualified.
  • There is no possible to change the number gave it by the organisation.





  • Device must have the participant's name registered. Set the device with your name so when you send a message we know who you are.
  • Set the Finnish right time. Finland time is +02:00 UTC.
  • The device must have the casting mode activated, sending position signals every 10/15 minutes (If during the race, the tracker do not send signal position every 10/15 minutes participant will be disqualified).
  • Set the following messages:

                   - WPT OK
                   - REST IN/OUT

  • Set the email address where you have to send the messages: 300k@arcticraces.com 


Participants have to send the following information no later than 31.01.2023:


Garmin/ InReach/ DeLorme:



Satellite tracking device TEST on days 04 and 05.02.2023 (you can choose day 4 or day 5).

Test must be done in the following way: Turn it on for 60 minutes, move around (for exemple, during your trainning or a walk) and send 2 messages with a 15 minutes interval.

Penalties tracker test:

  • If participant don't send the codes in the days set, participant will have a 12 h. penalty.
  • If participant don't do the test in the days set, participant will have a 24 h. penalty.




During the race, once the participant arrive to the mandatory waypoint must do the ok/check-in with the Satellite Tracker Device and send a message (WPT OK) with it.

  • Send message (REST IN/OUT) when you do a long stop for rest, eat or sleep.
  • Send message (REST IN/OUT) when you start after rest, eat or sleep.
  • If participant forget to do the ok/check-in in any of the mandatory waypoints, or if organisation doesn't receive the message, participant will have 10 hours penalty each (if organisation doesn't receive the ok/check-in will call the participant).
  • If for any reason the tracker doesn't work and organisation can not follow the participant progression, participant will be disqualified.



  • Participants must follow the track given by the organisation.
  • Participants who not follow the official track or do short cuts will be disqualified.
  • Missing the official track, meaning that participant makes a mistake and takes another track or gets lost and later reaches the official track through other way..., in that case race director will decide which will be the penalty depending circumstances.
  • Participants CAN NOT get out of the river on the way to mandatory waypoints 009, 010, 011 and 012. Participants who go out of the river in this section will be disqualified.



If you sleep on track, you have to do it out of the main trail, but in sight of the trail and with the red flashing light on, attach to some point (fatbike, ski pole or in some visible place) to alert your presence to snowmobiles or cars.




  • This is a human powered race, racers must be self sufficient.
  • Any outside help as a support crew, outside assistance to advance up or down the trail such as snowmobiles or cars or motorbikes.
  • No use of any kind of accommodation in cities, shopping, go restaurant or bar, change gear, etc, is not allowed and/or anything which could be understood as outside help.
  • Sleeping or rest in towns, house, cabins, private cabins, holliday villages, etc.
  • Participants will be disqualified if, at any time during the race, they have any outside help.



  • Rescue and evacuations are at participant's expenses.
  • All racers have to inform to any race official if they intend to scratch and return to their accommodation.


  • Rescue will be only in case of accident.
  • In case of rescue the organization will give to the participant the appropriate service depending the situation.
  • For rescue we also have the help of Firefighters and Police.
  • The expenses incurred in this service have to be pay by the rescued person and/or fix with their own insurance.


Rescue alarm will be activated:

  • If the tracker signal is in the same point and organization has not received any message from the participant by phone or Satellite Tracking Device.
  • If there is no signal by Satellite Tracking Device or message by telephone or Satellite Tracking Device.
  • If participant doesn't answer the telephone.
  • If participant push the SOS button from your Satellite Tracking Device.
  • If participant send SOS message with 112 app.
  • If participant call us asking for help.



  • In case a participant ask for evacuation, the organization will take her/him to the closer road (by snowmobile for free) or by snowmobile to Rovaniemi (participant pay in cash the expenses of transport).
  • If the participant is in some road and she/he want, the organization can call a taxi to pick she/he. In this case, the participant will have to pay in cash the expenses of transport.
  • For this reason is very strongly recommended to carry the sum of 250 € cash minimum, in order to cover the unexpected.


Disqualified participant:

  • A disqualified participant doesn't have to quit if he/she doesn't want but his/her name won't be in the "Finisher's list". Organization will inform the disqualified participant as soon as possible, depending situation, by phone message or by word.
  • A disqualified participant may require an evacuation or snowmobile back trip to the road system, but if a racer is able and willing to return to the start under his or her own power, or with the assistance of an external source, he or she may do so.



Do not litter the trail. Racers will be disqualified for littering. Leave no trace. You have to carry everything you start with until the end. You are not allowed to leave any wet or broken clothes or any gear at any checkpoint or on the track.




Do not defecate on race trail. Go as far as possible off the trail.

Please use only toilet paper and burn it afterwards. Don't use wet wipes if is not biodegradable, the wet wipes can last 100+ years.




Any participant with a dog on the race will be disqualified.




Do not damage any structures, Private Property. Be respectful to everything and everyone.




Respect Private Property. Participants are not allowed to pass, sleep or use any Private Property (Finnish laws), if participant do will be disqualified.